Opening up opportunities…. (Guest blog by Mark Bennetton at Landmark Living Roofs)

We were contacted by Urban Wild and The Green Roof Consultancy to discuss the feasibility of a retro fit install on a number of retail shop roofs in the main high street at Herne Hill. The really interesting thing about this project is that the main railway line overlooks the rooftops below, and the vision is to green a long swathe of roofs over the next few years, thus giving the rail passengers a beautiful green aspect from above. The other notable point of interest is that the roofs have been designed as a raft i.e. sitting just above the existing roofs – a very clever design architecturally as it means there is no additional weight placed on the existing roof structure, as the new roofs will sit on beams supported by party walls. 
It promises to be a really exciting project which could open up opportunities for other London boroughs to adopt similar schemes.



Mad, hair brained, deluded….(Guest blog by sustainability engineer, Owen Davies)

Mad, hair brained, deluded,” they want to do what!” was the initial reaction, but as a regular user of the Thameslink service which runs past the roof’s the vision makes perfect sense. When you start to look at the proposals and the overall benefits this project can bring it’s only mad, hair brained and deluded when you realise why it hasn’t been thought of before and why only is it now it’s being delivered.